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Below are pictures and videos from the Caltech Winter Term 2004 Rubik's Cube Tournament. Speedcubing.com has posted the tournament rankings and times. Macky, the star of the show, has a web site with other videos and information on speed cubing. Lars Petrus, also featured below, has a popular tutorial on speed cubing.


The best looking speed cuber at the tournament - Brittany Henage

Dan Henage (Me)
68.36 second official sovle (though I was averaging about 55 seconds that day)

Macky, Dan, and Brittany

Videos [Removed]

I have several videos of solves from this tournament, but have removed them from this page due to bandwidth limitations. See my page on the Caltech Spring Tournament (2005) for the best videos, including the world record video. If you'd like any of the following videos, just send me an email.:
  • 1st place: Macky - 14.76 second solve (10.0 MB video)
  • 2nd place: Lars Petrus - 26.22 second solve (7.4 MB video)
  • 3rd place: Kenneth Brandon - 26.08 second solve (6.6 MB video)
  • Tyson vs Macky (9.0 MB)

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