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I first solved the cube in 1997, and was almost immediately interested in improving my solve times. Over a period of several weeks, I went from averaging 5 minutes, to 3 minutes, to 2 minutes, and eventually was able to solve the cube in under one minute consistently.

I didn't cube much for several years, but the recent Caltech tournaments resparked my interest in cubing, and by using a modified version of methods I found online, I was able to average about 53 seconds. (I don't like to memorize, so I created my own solving method with only 5 memorized algorithms, not the nearly 100 required for other methods.)

At Caltech's Spring Tournament, Macky showed me what to do to clean my cube to make it turn easier. After cleaning my cube I immediately made a new personal record of 37.93 seconds (video below), with an average of 42.87 seconds (averaging the middle 3 of 5 solves), so I instantly knocked 10 seconds off my time just by cleaning the cube. My goal was to average below 45 seconds with fewer than 10 memorized algorithms, so I'm done trying to improve my speed. It's time to move onto bigger and better things!


Dan Henage
37.93 seconds

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Last update: 16 October 2005.